Hummingbirds and More

Photography Workshop

Where: Charlo, Montana
Sessions: No sessions currently scheduled.
Brochure: Hummingbirds and More

Hummingbirds are nature’s little jewels. I'm blessed to have many hummers in my garden from spring through early fall. I love photographing these gems and I would like to share this experience with you. I will be offering several hummingbird photography workshops in 2022. Hummingbirds will be our main focus in these workshops but also much more. We will explore and photograph the area’s outstanding landscapes and varied wildlife. The majestic Mission Mountains provide lovely scenes during the early dawn and sunset hours. Wildlife abounds here. Whitetail deer grace my yard and neighboring property. Numerous wetlands attract waterfowl, everything from the graceful trumpeter swans to a variety of duck species. My groups have had opportunities to photograph short-eared owls in the past and I bet you can too. If desired, we can also spend some time photographing old barns and historic pioneer structures.

Special Features of this Photography Expedition: The hummingbirds will be the stars during our week together. The calliope hummingbird is the most numerous species that visits my feeders. The calliope is the smallest North American bird. I also have many rufous hummers and a few of the acrobatic black-chinned.

Their will be a at least two high-speed hummingbird flash set-ups. I will provide all the necessary flashes and connectors, all you need is your camera and appropriate lens. You can also try your hand with natural light. I will show you what I have learned over many years of photographing hummingbirds. We can use multiple backdrops and use an assortment of colorful flowers to disguise the feeders. I also will teach you how to digitally drop in backgrounds and flowers. I look forward to explaining my post processing techniques.

I can’t wait to share this experience with you. I hope you can join me on this expedition.