Aurora Expedition

The northern lights, nature's winter magic

Where: Fairbanks, Alaska
Sessions: No sessions currently scheduled.
Brochure: Aurora Expedition

The aurora borealis is truly one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena, one that has fascinated people for centuries. This is one natural wonder not to miss. The shifting action and color of the aurora borealis can be mesmerizing. Photographing the movement can be challenging and if you don't have the proper technique, the results can be disappointing but on this trip I will teach you how to capture all the action.

This expedition will be based in Fairbanks with nightly excursions to photograph the aurora … weather permitting. Classroom time will be set aside to talk about how to photograph the night sky and also some photo processing tips will be discussed.

Because auroras require clear weather and the chance of snow is always a possibility, I am scheduling the trip to take advantage of the winter festivities held in Fairbanks each year. We will have numerous opportunities for excellent photographs of the annual Ice Festival including amazing ice carvings. Even if the weather hampers aurora viewing, we will still come away with dozens of unique photos. I have other daylight activities planned if the nights are cloudy.

We will spend at least one afternoon and one evening photographing the fabulous ice art. Night sky photography is our priority.

Even if we are unable to photograph the aurora every night there will be other unique photographic opportunities.

For more information, check the brochure linked above.