Brown Bear and Cub

Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory Site - SE Alaska

It feels good to be home after a couple of busy months in Alaska. Three photography expeditions kept me very busy. I want to thank those that joined me as we explored the beauty that Alaska holds. Thanks for trusting me in your photography adventures. I’m sure you will find many treasured pictures as you go through your images.

I was able to capture this photo on my second to last day in Alaska. What a treat to visit Anan Creek to observe the bears that fish the stream. Anan Creek is know for the black bears but brown bears have also discovered the great fishing too.

The scenery and wildlife were both amazing. Not only did we see and photograph both brown and black bears but also many bald eagles and ravens. The pink salmon arrived in the river to spawn and the predators came to enjoy the feast. I can’t wait to see the images my guests captured during our visit.

What I like about this image is the scenery and the interaction between the bear and cub. I enjoy frame filling portraits of animals but I also like wildlife images that show the environment. Anan Creek is beautiful with its mossy boulders and green vegetation that add so much to the pictures.

I hope you enjoy some time with nature this summer.

Embrace the journey!

Date: 7/28/21
Time: 1:57:34 PM
Model: NIKON D850
Frame #: 6480
Lens (mm): 500
ISO: 2500
Aperture: 5.6
Shutter: 1/500
Program: Manual
Focus Mode: AF-S
Quality: RAW

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