Harbor Seal on Iceberg

Harbor Seal on Iceberg

Tracy Arm - Inside Passage - Southeast Alaska

Harbor Seal on Iceberg - Tracy Arm - Inside Passage - Southeast Alaska 

This is one of my favorite photos from my recent trip to Alaska. I have many images to go through and I hope I find other treasures but for now this favorite brings a smile to my face. 

I’m very lucky to have captured this shot. We were busy photographing scenics of the South Sawyer Glacier and Icebergs in Tracy Arm. I was using my 24-120mm lens for these scenic images. We had not seen any seals or much other wildlife on our way to the glacier and my longer lens was in my berth below deck. Our delightful “first mate” Mo (Monique) had spotted some pigeon guillemot so I went below to get my longer lens and DX camera. When I returned I watched the guillemots take flight. I missed my chance for pictures. A few moments later, Mo announced that we were closing in on a harbor seal and pup on a nearby iceberg.  A light mist was falling as we admired and photographed the seals. Fortunately, I had the proper lens and camera for the situation. Often it's not the planning but the luck of the day that yields great shots. I am happy to have captured images of this harbor seal and her soulful expression.

I hope luck brings you memories and many delightful images.

Embrace the journey!

Camera Settings:
Date: 6/11/21
Time: 1:52:50 PM
Model: NIKON D500
Frame #: 389
Lens (mm): 500
ISO: 320
Aperture: 5.6
Shutter: 1/1250
Exp. Comp.: +0.7
Program: Manual
Focus Mode: AF-S
White Bal.: SUNNY
Quality: RAW

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