Iceberg & Mountains

Iceberg & Mountains

Tracy Arm - Inside Passage - Southeast Alaska

Iceberg and Mountains - Tracy Arm of the Inside Passage - Southeast Alaska 

Image by Ed Santos

Wow, doesn’t this shot show the vastness and beauty of the Inside Passage? Ed Santos, a guest on my recent photo expedition captured an incredible scene while we explored the treasures of Tracy Arm. I wish everyone could experience the allure and charm of Alaska. This image was taken on a rainy day and I believe the scene is much more dynamic because of it. A bright bluebird day without clouds would not have been as striking.

Sometimes our spirits can be dampened by rainy days but the images taken on those days are good for the soul. I love experiencing nature in all kinds of weather. If the weather isn’t too extreme, the colors seem much richer and more vibrant.

Ed, you did a wonderful job capturing the wild spirit of the Alaskan wilderness. Thanks for joining me and sharing your image on my page.

I hope we can all enjoy some rainy days this summer and capture some stunning images of nature’s gifts.

Embrace the journey!

Ed’s Camera Settings:

Date: 6/11/21
Model: NIKON D850
Frame #: 4614
Lens (mm): 82
ISO: 720
Aperture: 11
Shutter: 1/800
Exp. Comp.: 0.0
Program: Manual
Focus Mode: AF-C
White Bal.: SUNNY
Quality: RAW


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