Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles

Perched on an Iceberg

Bald Eagles perched on an Iceberg - Inside Passage - Southeast Alaska 

Image taken by “Doc” David Dibble

My job while on a workshop or photography expedition is to help my guests come home with amazing images. I love to teach while they are traveling with me. We were blessed to find this pair of Bald Eagles on an iceberg near Tracy Arm of the Inside Passage.

Doc Dibble did a wonderful job composing this image. I love the story that the composition reveals of where the eagles live. The wisps of fog amongst the trees below the mountain tops creates a beautiful backdrop and adds so much to the composition. This photo clearly illustrates that you don’t always have to fill the frame with your subject. Animals, in this case eagles, photographed within their environment can make delightful images.

Doc this is simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing your image on my web page.

I hope we all get some time in nature this summer with animals in their natural habitats.

Embrace the journey!

Date: 6/11/21
Model: NIKON D500
Frame #: 5810
Lens (mm): 550
ISO: 800
Aperture: 6.3
Shutter: 1/2500
Exp. Comp.: +1.7
Program: Manual
Focus Mode: AF-C
White Bal.: CLOUDY
Quality: RAW

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